Social Media Slide Show

DJ Kinect is on the blog with an exciting addition to his services that will make your big day the best you could ever imagine!! Check out his website for more information.

“This is the technology age, so maximize it to make your special day “One to Remember”. Although disposable cameras can be a great way to capture some candid moments that the photographer missed, throw away those disposable cameras! The newest trend is setting up a live streaming slideshow! We can set up a projector and have people upload pictures in “real time”. This coupled with a special message for the Bride and Groom, is the newest and coolest in the wedding industry. The blissful couple will then be able to save and keep these forever! Remember Productions will set up a hashtag for your wedding. ie. #BradandJill. Then your guests will begin doing what they do best and what they will be doing anyways. They will take #selfies and group photos then hashtag them and upload to Instagram and Twitter. Those photos will come to my computer and as I (we) approve them, they will be placed on an ongoing slideshow throughout the wedding. This not only helps keep the guest entertained, but they feel like an active part of the wedding. Inappropriate photos and messages will not be cleared as we like to keep things classy. It’s all about being family friendly and honoring the bride and groom. This is just another way technology has changed to make your day that much more special. Contact me today to set up your #hashtag for your Special Day. #kinected ”